Here's a trailer for The Whistleblower, a true-life drama about Kathryn Bolkovac, the Nebraska cop turned United Nations police officer who, while hired by UN contractor DynCorp, alerted authorities to sex trafficking within the force.

Bolkovac was recruited by DynCorp, which the UN hired to set up a police force in Bosnia, in the late 1990s. Over a period of time, Bolkovac witnessed people within the ranks of DynCorp (and by extension the UN police) actively participating in sex trafficking. So, at great personal and professional risk, she spoke up by filing suit against DynCorp in the UK. Don't worry, this isn't a tragic Silkwood tale. Bolkovac is alive and well and living in Amsterdam.

This is a rabble-rouser meant to showcase Weisz's sterner side, which is always enjoyable. To me, Weisz has one of the most perfect careers in Hollywood, able to seamlessly oscillate between smaller movies like this and big-ticket pictures like the Mummy movies or the upcoming Bourne Legacy. Plus she doesn't seem to have to deal with insane press attention or paparazzi stalking. Basically, hers is the career you want to have if you're a Hollywood actress, and this Whistleblower seems right in line with her string of mostly good choices. (We'll have to forgive her for Fred Claus.) Go on with your bad self, Rachel Weisz!

And yeah, sex trafficking is clearly a worrisome global problem and this is an important subject, so you should probably go see this movie.