In March 2011, Patrick McGinty, his wife, and their five kids endured a house fire that killed their three beloved dogs. That experience alone would cause many people to fall into a serious depression! But the McGintys are apparently a special kind of family.

After the fire, tragedy struck again when some awful, horrible people came and stole copper plumbing out of the McGintys' house, which the March blaze had left in serious disrepair. Unfazed, Mr. McGinty set about fixing up the place. He had enough time to install a new furnace, heating ducts, a water heater, and some other stuff before—goddamn!—the house flooded. The flooding required hours and hours of pumping out water, and also destroyed some lumber meant for reconstruction. The McGintys had no flood insurance, so they'll have to pay for that wood all over again.

What else could possibly go wrong for the strong, resilient McGintys? Hopefully nothing! Hopefully they will win a million zillion dollars in the lottery, or an army of Good Samaritans will show up on their doorstep (if they have still one) and help them rebuild their home so they can resume their lives. Whatever happens, it seems highly unlikely that they did anything to deserve so much hardship in such a short period of time. God-or-whatever, why are you being such an asshole to this family? Stop it! Stop it now.

[Detroit News, photo via Shutterstock.]