Are you partial to smoking hookahs, whitey? If you're not a college student you're like, "Fuck am I, a college student?" If you're a college student you're like "Totally, check mine out." Either way, you probably have cancer and herpes.

That's my admittedly unsophisticated takeaway from Doug Quenqua's NYT story today, which does an admirable job of ruining any enjoyment you may have derived from smoking "tobacco" products out of a hookah, in your dorm. It's like smoking 100 fucking cigarettes, true fact!

An additional hazard: the tobacco in hookahs is heated with charcoal, leading to dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide, even for people who spend time in hookah bars without actually smoking, according to a recent University of Florida study... And because hookahs are meant to be smoked communally - hoses attached to the pipe are passed from one smoker to the next - they have been linked with the spread of tuberculosis, herpes and other infections.

But if you're smoking weed like a normal person, it's all good.

[NYT. Photo: RyAwesome/ Flickr]