This musical star isn't just hiding the fact he's gay, but also that he likes to get rough with the "hired help." These celebs were divas at Cannes, this actor likes women to beat him in bed, and this right-wing politician has a closeted spouse. It always comes back to gays and rough sex, doesn't it?

1. "This recording artist has had a very successful solo career for the past few years, and has also collaborated with both black and white artists on other projects. At least one of his albums has been #1 on Billboard, and he has had multiple Grammy nominations/wins. But while he may be a great artist, he's not a great guy. He has had legal problems in the past, but there are two secrets that he has managed to keep from the public. The first big secret is that he is in the habit of hiring hookers, having sex with them, and then beating them up. This is one seriously angry guy. The second big secret is that these are male hookers he's been hiring, not female. Yes, this recording artist is gay. Not 50 Cent." [Blind Gossip]

2. "Lets see. You are a B-list movie actress, who has come this close to having no career and then Cannes brings some big life back into it and you are off to talk to the reporters. You take two questions from the television reporters with radio and print waiting their turn. After the two questions, you turn to your publicist and say no more and walk away. Way to turn diva in two seconds." [CDaN]

3. "Person hated the most by the press [at Cannes]? This up and coming director who is about to move from film festival darling to the mainstream. He did accomplish what many people would love to do when he got kissed by this almost A list movie actor at a press event." [CDaN]

4. "Which Hollywood hunk is known behind closed doors for asking women to slap him around while calling him "a bad boy?" He is also said to like sex toys." [P6]

5. "Which right-wing politician's spouse bats for the other team? The pol's Bible belting can't keep the other half from the gay bars." [P6]

6. "This former A list movie actor who is lucky to have any friends at all, slipped his arm around the waist of this almost A list actress/director at an event [at Cannes], who shoved his arm away and said, "Do not touch me." Guess things are not as rosy as they seem." [CDaN]

7. "Which married TV news anchor is having an affair with a news assistant?" [P6]