Jersey Shore heffalump Snooki was held in police custody this weekend in Florence after crashing into a police car, bringing her international crime spree to an end. She may have been injured in the accident because today she's wearing a neck brace. But our Snooki sure knows how to do it justice.

You would think that the Princess of Poughkeepsie would bling out her brace, but instead she's chosen to minimize its impact with volume in other areas, namely the boots and with her patented hair poof. (Didn't she say she was retiring that?) [Image via Bauer-Griffin]

But even Snooki gets sick of a new fashion statement. After asking housemate Deena for assistance, neither can figure out how to get the contraption off. However, after much toil, she successfully removes it. [Image via Bauer-Griffin]


If she's already walking around without it, either she's not in that much pain or is wincing through it for the sake of her look. What do you think? Do you like the outfit better with or without the brace? [Image via Bauer-Griffin]