Freedom fries and foreign beer for everyone: in 2010—for the first time ever, according to some dubious industry association that may or may not be trustworthy—the USA consumed more wine than the hated French. Sure, big party.

US population: 307 million.
French population: 62.6 million.

Yeah, so it's kind of like saying "Me and the four other guys on my basketball team finally beat Lebron James, five on one. Therefore we are the world's best basketball players." Come on, drunk Americans. Is this the best you can do? We savor our hollow wine victories as our own American workers cower in panicked fear of being overpowered by a lusty Frenchman. Enjoy your paltry and infrequent servings of "Mad Dog" wine-drink, Americans. You sicken me.

[LAT. Photo: Sam Felder/ Flickr]