The good Governor Sandwiches of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is in a real pickle back home after he took an state police helicopter to his son's baseball game yesterday.

Well, it's not as bad as having boner pics pop up in your Twitter stream — can you imagine seeing Chris Christie's boner? — but it's still a questionable use of state property. And it doesn't even make sense. Can anyone explain how that chopper got off the ground with over 10,000 sandwiches, kept in heavy metal briefcases, onboard?

Meanwhile, Christie, who has said 500,000 times that he will not even consider running for president in 2012, left his son's game early for a lil' dining session with some important corn magnates at Drumthwacket Palace. Still no word on whether this "group of Iowa businessmen trying to recruit him for a presidential run" were successful, but the sandwich bisque was said to be lukewarm.

Christie's kid's team won the baseball game 7-2, the Star-Ledger reports.

[Image via AP]