Poor Anthony Weiner! Even in front of Rachel Maddow, the friendliest interviewer he could ask for, the beleaguered congressman can't help but come across as a total sketchball.

You see, the bulging erection Tweeted from his account last Friday "doesn't look familiar" to him, but he's still not sure that the erection in question isn't his. The photo, he ventured, "maybe... started out being a photograph of mine" but was "taken out of context" or "manipulated." Hmm.

[There was a video here]

Meanwhile, on the internet, a new theory regarding the mysterious yFrog photo is being floated: Did someone obtain the private yFrog email address through which Weiner could post photos automatically, and use it to post an intimate self-portrait? Sounds like it's maybe possible, sure — though it's unclear, exactly, how the alleged hacker could have found the secret yFrog email address.

yFrog CEO Jack Levin, who says he hasn't been contacted by the congressman's office or by law enforcement, told The New York Times that "his company did not have reason to believe that its user passwords were exposed or stolen," but someone with Weiner's Twitter or yFrog password could have posted the photo. So who knows? It sounds like Weiner could have, possibly, in a very sneaky and politically smart way, been hacked. It also sounds like Weiner doesn't want to categorically deny that there are some cock shots floating around.

[Video clip via RCP. Photo, top, via AP]