Body-modification superstar Mariajosé Cristerna enjoyed a surge of popularity recently when photos of the "Vampire Woman of Mexico," as she is better known, went cross-platform viral — popping up on everything from supermarket tabloids to Fox News and The Huffington Post.

Blogger El Zonkey Show tracked down Cristerna at a tattoo convention in Tijuana, where the woman with two sets of titanium horn implants, permanent fangs, and wall-to-wall ink opened up about that prosthetic-using wannabe, Lady Gaga:

"Listen, I like her message of changing the world, but let's not do things half-assed. Conviction doesn't sprout because of money or for appearances sake. Conviction should come from the heart, because people can tell...when it doesn't. Perhaps she should ‘feel' things more and not just give lip service."

Everybody now: "Oooooooooh." Gaga does not take this kind insolence lying down! I suspect she'll soon take up Vampire Woman on her little challenge, and have an exact replica of Madonna's conical bra surgically implanted into her own chest. Who's "feeling" things now, huh?! [El Zonkey Show, photo of Cristerna via El Zonkey Show, photo of Gaga via NBC]