Oh look, the New York Times says that NYC's Korean grocery stores are on the wane.

What's the cause of this new bit of urban anthropology? Well, like countless immigrant groups before them, Koreans are saying to themselves, "We've been in this city for decades. We've paid our dues. When we got here, nobody wanted anything to do with us. We started at the bottom. We stuck together. We scrimped and saved to open these delis and bodegas and grocery stores. We put in years and years standing behind those counters, stocking those shelves, working long hours in unglamorous conditions for low pay. And after all this time and all of this work, when we finally get enough money to send our kids off to good schools, and they slowly become accepted, and assimilate, and even marry highly educated white guys—then the white guy goes off and writes a fucking book about running a Korean deli? Are you fucking kidding me? Give me some of that book contract money. Deli work sucks."

Good luck, former Korean grocers!

[NYT, image via dandeluca/Flickr]