In your emotional Thursday media column: Bill Keller vents, the NYT newsroom tweets, worldwide journalist peril quantified, Ed Schultz is coming back, and rumors of more Time Out troubles.

  • Bill Keller is SPEAKING OUT about just how craptastic the job that he just quit was: "There's a lot of stuff they don't teach you in the mythical editors' school. They don't teach you that you're going to have to spend a lot of your life in crisis management. It's been a fair amount of that - every kind of crisis you can imagine, starting with a crisis of morale and credibility that I inherited, then going through one motherfucker of a recession." You know Bill, I always thought you were a pretty good editor. But perhaps the inherent assholeness that goes along with being an opinion writer has simply lured you back in to the writing life, where all of that inherent assholeness will no longer be disguised as mere ambition, but will be exposed for what it is. Pity.—Some asshole writer.
  • In the very public Twitter outpouring of slavish celebration by NYT staffers, the award for "Funniest unintentional insult" goes to this, from John Niedermeyer: "Long ovation in the newsroom, at the announcement that @NYTimes Executive Editor @nytkeller is stepping down."
  • CPJ has released its 2011 "Impunity Index," highlighting nations where nobody much cares if you kill journalists. Spoiler: Iraq and Somali, followed by the Philippines and Sri Lanka! That is so mean.
  • Rest easy, patriotic television viewers: America's sweetheart Ed Schultz is returning to MSNBC next Monday, after taking some time off to think about why he was wrong to call Laura Ingraham a "slut." Will he be more ready than ever to stand up for Real Americans? Only time will tell!
  • Already this week, we learned of massive layoffs at Time Out New York, reaching all the way up to the executive level. Now, we've heard rumors that Time Out Boston might also be in serious peril. We've emailed Time Out, but haven't heard back yet; if you know more, email me.

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