It's all a forgery, Mark Zuckerberg says. The contract where he signs over Facebook ownership; the emails where he tries to swindle his business partner — all fakes from a known liar. Once a liar always a liar, right, Mark?

The Facebook CEO and his company lawyers punched back at plaintiff Paul Ceglia in a suit seeking half of Zuckerberg's Facebook shares. Team Zuckerberg, in a new court filing, accused Ceglia of forging the second page of a contract Zuckerberg signed when he was a college student, and also of forging a series of incriminating emails, emails once presumed to have been well vetted by Ceglia's law firm. They also submitted expert testimony to support the claim of fabrication, hoping to detail Ceglia's claim that he paid Zuckerberg not just for custom web programming but for an investment in Facebook, as well.

Zuck's legal team also brought up Ceglia's past, pointing out that the wood pellet salesman has been charged with trespassing, defrauding customers and possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms in three separate legal cases. Of course, if legal entanglements and petty lying were lethal indictments of character, Zuckerberg would not be running Facebook right now.

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