Today we heard that Bill Keller is stepping down as New York Times managing editor. "Wha?? Why??" we all wondered. (To write more Twitter essays, naturally.) One commenter offered their own scintillating theory.

From Coldouglas:

The reason for Keller's departure is obvious. If you're married to a Brit who's good-looking enough that you still feel like getting it up at the age of 62, then there's no reason to waste time with a boss who has cousins who let themselves be photographed wearing 70-year-old novelty-shop Jerry Colonna mustaches, ie work for a family of pinheads until you can no longer get it up.

So now it's Jill Abramson's turn to coast along the path to the end of ink-on-paper. And she can retire whenever the hell she wants to - nothing would force her out unless it was Anita Hill calling a press conference to say she lied, which won't happen.

I got a hunch, though, that sometime in the next few years Jill will find herself playing Anne Marie Lipinski to some old Timesman's Bob Greene. (Note to non-journos and anyone under 50: I am not talking about Oprah's trainer.) Any guesses as to who it might be?

Rat-a-tat-tat! Get me 800 words on this on my desk by Monday!

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