A federal judge in Seattle ruled that organizers of the Gay Softball World Series can continue to enforce their rule of allowing a maximum of only two "non-gay" players per team. The decision came in a lawsuit filed by three San Francisco men from a team called D2, whose second-place finish in 2008 was nullified because they are bisexual, not gay, and therefore broke the gay softball covenant to keep vagina-lovers out of the outfield. (Unless it's lesbian softball, in which case, good luck with that.)

So let me get this straight. If a gay league softball player, to use a sexual reference point we can all relate to, tweets weiner pics to dudes and also tweets weiner pics to chicks, then the chick-bound weiner pics somehow negate the dude-bound weiner pics? How do you even police such a thing? Sounds to me like an invasion of weiner-tweeting privacy! I mean, come on. It's 2011. Isn't it time to finally desegregate the gay softball leagues? [sfgate.com, image via Shutterstock]