Here's a new trailer for August's big release Rise of the Planet of the Apes, an origin story for the Planet of the Apes saga. This is the second trailer we've seen, but this one has way more apes!

Look at all them apes! With their creepy human-like expressions and tool using and whatnot. One thing that confuses me is that if the one chimp got all fancy because of long-term science — specifically chemicals that were given to him over a period of time — why can he then just gas all the other monkeys once and they're immediately smart like he is? And how does it spread to even more monkeys? I mean, is there a limitless supply of SmartGas? Do the monkeys make more of it? These are intelligent, well-thought questions that hopefully will be answered in this exciting looking documentary.

Another point of contention: James Franco. He's gone so far off the deep end of whatever he's doing that whenever he tries to act, and say serious lines like the ones here about science and stuff, it just comes off like a goof. Just a silly goof. I think James Franco has sort of ruined his own acting career maybe? At least the one that involves him being serious and not some winking version of himself. I dunno. Watching this trailer I found myself wishing that the apes would kill him first. Is that so wrong?