In your finally Friday media column: Shep Smith vs. Bill Keller, New York Times overload, Utah is just like New York, Conde Nast's real estate decisions criticized, and Tina Brown poaches another one.

  • Oooo, Shep Smith is striking at back at Bill Keller for saying something mean about Fox News, three months ago! "I don't enjoy being insulted by people who talk in generalities," said Shep. And in the end, he dropped the bomb: "It's not nice." If only Shep had said this all on Twitter, Bill Keller had an awesome insult all ready in his head. Anyhow, now we know the real reason Bill Keller stepped down: he found out his love for Shep Smith would be forever unrequited, so what's the point?
  • Gahhhh, it's New York Times overload! Bill Keller analysis and Jill Abramson analysis Bill Keller's wife's analysis! All this inside Kremlinology can get a bit overwhelming, but the important thing to remember is this: the New York Times is the best paper in America, and it will remain the best paper for years to come. Although we can't vouch for the op-ed columnists.
  • Utah's Deseret News is giving a column to the god damn mayor of the town. What's next, the mayor of New York getting his own multibillion-dollar media empire? Oh, right.
  • Slate's Ron Rosenbaum has very strong opinions about Conde Nast's decision to move its headquarters down to the new World Trade Center building. You may read those opinions here.
  • Tina Brown has poached Vanity Fair contributing editor Leslie Bennetts. Who will be leaving VF, to go work at NewsBeast. She just loves Tina Brown, that's all! But seriously, what is wrong with VF, hmm?

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