Mitt Romney, the likely favorite among 2012 Republican presidential candidates, launched his campaign in what for him is the must-win state of New Hampshire yesterday. All the local reporters were invited. So how did the state's biggest newspaper, the Union Leader, present Romney's announcement on today's front page? Look up at the hilarious image up top! What, you can't see it? It's neatly tucked away there in the bottom right corner, next to all the important stuff about non-candidate Sarah Palin saying "hi" to some fishermen and eating clams.

Poor Mittens.

But if it means anything, this is definitely more coverage than boring old Tim Pawlenty would ever get if he crossed paths with Palin on the campaign trail. The papers would all read, "SARAH PALIN USES FEET TO WALK AND BLINKS WITH REGULAR FREQUENCY TO MOISTURIZE HER EYEBALLS; Tom Pallenty or whatever cures AIDS."

[via Mother Jones]