Classy American racist Donald Trump is enjoying his post-almost-presidency repose the way any exceedingly wealthy titan of industry would: By trying to peddle cheesy photos of himself and his family to tabloids for $20,000.

A magazine source reports that Getty Images is busy shopping around "cooperative set-up" photos of Trump, his wife Melania, and their son Barron frolicking poolside at their home in Mar-a-Lago. The way these things work is that Getty takes a cut and passes the rest on to the money-grubbing celebrity. In this case, Getty was asking for $20,000 for a weekly magazine exclusive. That's probably what Trump was talking about when he kept saying how excited he was to fill out all those financial disclosure forms required of bona fide candidates: He couldn't wait to show us how much he makes from selling photos of himself. That's Kardashian money, baby!

A spokeswoman for Trump says he has nothing to do with the photos, which would mean Getty has gone renegade and is out there shopping around pics of him without his permission. "He knows nothing about it," the spokeswoman says. "It's totally false, and it sounds terrible." Yes, it does!

[Photo via Getty Images]