We've already warned you of the dangers of cooking your kid's food in the PCP pot, trying to sell your kid's virginity, and coaching your kid's fights. The latest tip for the Gawker's Guide to Parenting: don't do meth with your kid at family reunions.

Doris Sherrane Rigsby, 34, of Waukomis, Oklahoma, didn't abide by this simple and practical rule, and did some meth with her 15-year-old daughter at such a gathering. Too much meth, as it tragically turns out—the daughter, Linda Tucker, died of an overdose:

Authorities said she had taken the drug with her mother, older brother and her mother's boyfriend. She lay unresponsive in the back seat of a vehicle for several hours before her mother went for help, but it was too late.

Rigsby was convicted of "encouraging a minor to commit a drug crime" and received a 10-year prison sentence plus a 10-year suspended prison sentence. Originally she had been charged with first-degree murder, so unless she wanted to go to prison forever she should probably be pretty grateful about the outcome. Rigsby's boyfriend, Jeffery Alan Phillips, pleaded guilty to unlawful delivery of a controlled and dangerous drug and got 15 years.

Is it possible to avoid doing meth with your children at family reunions? Though it sometimes can be difficult, the answer is yes. Safer alternatives to meth-doing include:

  • Preparing food
  • Playing badminton
  • Telling stories about the olden days
  • Talking about fashion
  • Making snide remarks about family members who failed to appear at the reunion

This is only a partial list.

[NewsOK. Image by Chris Howey via Shutterstock.]