It's obviously not uncommon for a barber to cut a customer's ear. With scissors. James Dillard, a 40-year-old barber from Trenton, NJ, allegedly cut his customer's ear in half on Thursday. With his teeth.

According to police, the altercation apparently began with a dispute over the speed with which Dillard was cutting his customer's hair (whether Dillard was too fast or too slow is unclear). The customer, aged 24, still at that point with both of his ears, arose from his chair and left the barbershop, shattering the glass inside the shop door when he slammed it. This angered Dillard, who gave chase, and, in the ensuing physical altercation, "bit the 24-year-old's ear nearly in half."

The ear piece remained attached to its other half, and the customer was taken to the hospital. Dillard has been charged with assault.

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