If you've already been convicted of drunk driving a bunch of times, you might consider showing up to court sober? Sobriety impresses judges! Then again, you can also take the road chosen by Sandra Uher of Elgin, Illinois and try to impress the judge with your commitment to drunkenness.

Not to be judgmental or anything. But everybody knows that attending court sloshed is considered "bad form," right? Apparently not Uher, who allegedly went to court facing her sixth DUI charge in a state of intoxication. In addition to having her bail revoked and being sent to the jail hospital, she also made a bad impression. And this was a mistake she probably couldn't afford to make, given that she earned her latest DUI by driving around on a revoked license with a preliminary blood-alcohol content of "my blood is basically gin right now," running a stop sign, and crashing into someone else's car.

Maybe she was just nervous for court? She's facing between six to 30 years in prison if convicted, after all. Hopefully for her next DUI case she'll choose breathing exercises over alcohol. [Daily Herald, Image by clgregor via Creative Commons.]