Today we watched as congressman Anthony Weiner confessed to sending racy pics to an online lady. Oh brother, another one? Yup, another one. What's the reasoning here, one incredulous commenter wondered.

From 4nobody:

I worked for a movie director who had a fixation with big-breasted women. Young, old, pretty, plain, no matter what size it didn't matter what the women looked like as long as they were endowed.No matter what he was filming, he would find a way to have calls for these women with the pretext they would be extras. And when he could, he would find a way to even use a few—-especially in water shots where they would have to be in swimsuits, floating. Though he never tired of his fascination, the male crew members to a man would joke that they never would have believed they could get sick of the sight of boobs, but they did.

I can honestly say I've never met a woman who had the same fascination for penises. So I can't imagine why guys like Weiner risk career and family to send pics of theirs to women who I suspect in the end are not nearly as thrilled with them as their owner is.

But like the crew guys on those movie sets, I am getting pretty sick of boobs.

Well, ladies? Do they have a point? Or do you love phallus photos? Also, blind item, who is the director?

[Photo via AP]