A Savannah, Georgia store owner survived a Sunday morning robbery attempt thanks to the hefty religious medallions he wore around his chest, which proved very useful in deflecting bullets.

The owners of Singh's Quacco Outlet—a married couple who are trying to keep a low profile because the robber's still at large—are pretty sure that the gods were watching over them when the robber entered their store and started pointing his gun around all crazy-like. When they said they couldn't open their safe, the robber shot Mr. Owner in the chest. But not really in the chest, because them big ol' medallions acted like shields. The robber ran away with nothing but his gun and his poor judgment.

So, what can we learn from this incident? That you can never wear too much jewelry. Yeah, just pile that shit on from this day forward.

[Savannah Now. Image by Somma/Flickr]