It's not easy to steal the title of Alaska's Worst Person for obvious reasons, but on Sunday, 32-year-old Byron Edward Syvinski of Anchorage did. He allegedly tried to mug a 17-year-old boy (and punched the kid's father), before rampaging down the street:

Svyinski then walked down the road, where he encountered the girl and initially tried to force her off her bike. Witnesses say he then punched her, knocking her to the ground where she lost consciousness, then punched her several more times while she was lying on the ground. Svyinski also went through the girl's pockets, but witnesses didn't see him take anything from her.

The young girl is in "critical but stable condition" at a hospital, and Svyinski is undergoing a mental health evaluation. Reuters reports that Svyinski has a lengthy arrest and conviction record that includes "theft, firearms violations, assault, robbery and domestic violence."

[KTUU; image via Myspace]