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Without a doubt, this year's earliest contender for song of the summer is "Gucci Gucci" by 21-year-old Oakland artist Kreayshawn. Though no one had heard of her a few months ago, she's now on pace to succeed Ke$ha as the foremost white female rapper in popular music.

A blogger, video director and smoker of pot by the metric ton, Kreayshawn, born Natassia Zolot, counts Snoop Dogg, Joel Madden and Drake among her fans. Last week, Sony Music reportedly signed her to a $1 million record deal, bringing the Internet to a fever pitch.

Kreayshawn is the sum of many parts. Walk with us, as we take you through a few of them.


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"Gucci Gucci"

We wouldn't even be talking about Kreayshawn without her breakout single and its accompanying video, which finds her causing mischief on L.A.'s Rodeo Drive with some square hoop earrings and a Minnie Mouse hairband. The song is a rejection of luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada, and yes, Gucci. To wit: "them basic bitches wear that shit so I don't even bother." In three weeks, "Gucci Gucci" has reached over two million hits on YouTube.


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Kittys x Choppas

Before "Gucci Gucci," there was Kreayshawn's debut mixtape, Kittys x Choppas, which came out completely unnoticed last fall. The 19-track record is a warped journey through the rapper's drug-addled world. A good third of it is spent with her voice computer-altered to a higher pitch. The most accessible song is the club jam "Bumpin Bumpin." Her next project, Left Eye, is expected to come out later this year. Download Kittys x Choppas here.

White Girl Mob

A rapper without an entourage is like Adrian Grenier without Entourage. Kreayshawn's extended family is called the White Girl Mob, which consists of her DJ, Lil Debbie, and fellow rapper V-Nasty, who has been to jail for reasons undisclosed. Above, a video of V-Nasty (who is not shy to use the N-word) "freestyling on you barbie hoes." Somewhere, KRS-One is rolling in his grave. I'm aware that he's still alive.

Soulja Boy/Lil B/Odd Future

The "co-sign" from one or more established peers is invaluable to an up-and-coming hip-hop artist's credibility. Fortunately for her, rappers Lil B, Soulja Boy, and Taco of L.A. collective Odd Future have all vouched for Kreayshawn, who directed the latter two in this puzzling video.

Her Mom, Elka Zolot of The Trashwomen

Like Jakob Dylan and Sean Lennon before her, Kreayshawn's musical talent runs in the family. Her mother, who introduced the rapper to Dr. Dre's The Chronic 2001 when she was a child, is Elka Zolot of 90s surf-punk group The Trashwomen. (A clip from a 1992 concert is above.) Here's a five-year-old Kreayshawn, making her first studio appearance on the band's catchy number "Boys Are Toys."

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Kreayshawn's lyric "Bitch, you aint no Barbie, I see you work at Arby's," on "Gucci Gucci," isn't a simple throwaway line, but part of an ongoing history of contempt for David Putty's favorite restaurant. If anyone knows the backstory on her beef with the fast food chain, do tell.