In your sweltering Wednesday media column: the racial media gap unveiled, Chris Jones has a new column, NOTW apologizes to Sienna Miller, NBC gets the Olympics forever, and Bob Herbert gets a job.

  • We in the media would like to send an extra special note of thanks to minority youth! Because minority youth consume way more "media" than white youth (soon to be the minority!) do, according to this new report from Northwestern.
  • Historically, scholars have been aware of differences in the amount of time that White and minority children spend with media, especially TV. But last year's Generation M2 study indicated a large increase in the amount of time both Black and Hispanic youth are spending with media, to the point where they are consuming an average of 13 hours worth of media content a day (12:59 for Blacks and 13:00 for Hispanics), compared with about eight and a half hours (8:36) for White youth, a dfference of about four and a half hours a day. In recent years, this gap in media use between White and Black youth has doubled, and between White and Hispanic youth it has quadrupled.

  • An alarming sign of the decay of the nuclear family, the horrifying pervasive influence of "pop culture," and the dearth of real educational opportunities in disadvantaged communities? No, good news, for the media! The fewer whites the better for us! Adios, whites! We won't miss you a bit.
  • Easily offended Esquire writer Chris Jones is covering baseball for the shmancy new sports site Grantland, which launched today. The topic of Chris Jones' inaugural baseball column: Chris Jones. Which is good, because as a baseball fan, I don't so much care about baseball as I care about what baseball has meant to Chris Jones.
  • Murdoch-owned British scandal sheet News of the World has officially apologized to Sienna Miller for hacking her voicemail like the dirty, dirty dogs that they are. They will continue to hope to not be sued for everything they're worth.
  • NBC won the right to show the Olympics in 2014. Also in 2016, 2018, and 2020. It's best if you just tell yourself you like watching the Olympics on NBC, cause buddy, you ain't got no choice.
  • Former NYT columnist and perpetual do-gooder/ downer Bob Herbert has a new job, at some think tank! He's also writing a book. Do your thing, Bob Herbert!

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