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Spencer Falls plus Sarah Carroll equals Sparah, the celebutante power couple that we spoke of recently. Yesterday, paparazzi busted Falls wearing what he calls a "sidesling" (but what is really the vom-inducing utilitarian accessory known as the fanny pack) out and about in LA. Hey, like the most fashion-forward celebs, he's hot enough to get away with it. Next thing we know, Emma Watson and Elle Fanning will be sporting sideslings on the red carpet and that will be that.

And Carroll is no slouch in sartorial circles, either—she's been placed head-to-head with none other than LiLo and PaHi (that never caught on, did it?) in the epic "Who's Hotter" battle. Here she is out-rocking Paris in a smock dress. (She snagged 87% of the votes in the extremely scientific Style Showdown poll, BTW.) What do you think?