Last Friday evening, this black bear trespassed onto the property of Floridian Jenny Rhoades, then got into her hot tub without asking for permission. Whoa, arrogant.

Maybe he was high? Reports don't elaborate on the bear's mental state, so we'll probably never know. For about three minutes he chilled in the water, until Rhoades started banging on glass and scared him away. "I didn't want him to get comfortable there," she says. "It's just too close."

SO: Banging on glass is one way to get a black bear out of your hot tub. Other ways include throwing zucchini at them, and telling them that your neighbors keep a frozen pizza stash.

In related news, black bears are supposedly not a threatened species in Florida anymore. But Rhoades and others believe they should remain protected—despite their poor manners.

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