20-year-old Colton Harris-Moore, the "Barefoot Bandit" who became famous for stealing airplanes, boats and other rich people toys while shoeless, has been sitting in jail since his arrest in the Bahamas last July. The Bandit is a prime suspect in over 70 crimes. Originally a plea deal was being hashed out that would give all proceeds from book or movie deals to his victims and their insurance companies. But one of the Bandit's lawyers, John Henry Browne says prosecutors are no longer into the idea. Speaking to the AP, Browne said:

"If the victims don't get paid, it's not going to be Colton's fault," Browne said. "There are going to be movies and books about this case anyway, so the government is not going to minimize what Colton did. It doesn't make any sense."

Oh come on. No matter what, it will be the Bandit's fault if restitution is not paid. He probably should have thought about all of this before robbing rich people. But his lawyer does have a point about versions of the story coming out anyway. But who will play the gangly teen criminal/heartthrob?

[Image via AP]