This leading man's wife thinks he's just getting a massage, but he's really getting the full treatment. This Hollywood star harrassed his daughter's ex until he committed suicide. Gossip legend Michael Musto unleashes a fury of blind gossip. This can't end happily.

1. "This A list celebrity actor has a membership to an exclusive country club membership on the East Coast. Although he doesn't live on the East Coast, he frequents the club often when he's on the East Coast. He is said to go to the club for a very special kind of massage from the men at the club that his wife naively thinks is just a massage. It's not." [BuzzFoto]

2. "What Hollywood legend's wife harassed a 16-year-old boy so much over a relationship-gone-wrong with her daughter that the teen jumped off a bridge in an attempted suicide? The mother bombarded the boy with text messages, threatening to call the police because, she alleged, he'd been inappropriately involved with her underage daughter. Despite suffering a broken pelvis, injured lung, broken wrist, sprained ankles and cuts and bruises, the boy is expected to recover from his 200-foot suicide leap.
While the A-lister's wife is now calling the teen's family with tearful apologies, her famous husband reportedly hasn't said a word about the incident." [Blind Gossip]

3. "Which seasoned designer who goes to South America upsets some of the sauna-going locals because, as one of them told me, 'He makes the price of the rent boys go up from $20 to over $100?" [Michael Musto]

4. "Which extremely hot athlete-turned-actor is a big old gay, and not at all a tight end about it?" [Michael Musto]

5. "Which ousted politician and his wife tell friends they're thrilled it's all over for them because they were put under a microscope and misrepresented at every turn? (Good, then that works out for everyone, I guess.)" [Michael Musto]

6. "Which monthly columnist actually pays the magazine to publish him, a kooky new twist on the old trend where it was the journalist that got paid?" [Michael Musto]

7. "Which shady writer sends e-mails to editors saying, 'I will write a column for your magazine. We'll have lunch and discuss the details,' and is greeted by deafening silence? (Maybe if he paid them?)" [Michael Musto]

8. "Which actress in a Tennessee Williams play got a little too into character and started screaming and bossing people around backstage like the crazed diva she portrayed?" [Michael Musto]

9. "Which pop star whose shtick is acting skanky really is? (In fact, sources swear she smells like a kettle of rotten fish.)" [Michael Musto]

10. "Which Oscar-winning grande dame is quite a cutup in real life, liberally using the C-word as if it were second nature? (And it is, it is.)"

11. "Which singer/ex–reality star inquiringly gushes to friends, 'I'm still getting fucked, thanks to black guys!'?" [Michael Musto]

12. "Which Oscar-nominated actress's mother tried out for the part of her daughter's character's mother in a bomb comedy and didn't get it? (Not convincing enough?) What did the daughter nobly say when she realized her dressing room was smaller than her blond co-star's? (Free answer: 'I can use the animosity for the part. We're supposed to hate each other.')" [Michael Musto]

13. "Which escort strangely won't let people orally devour his wares, one of the greatest cases of wasted material since the Staten Island landfill? And isn't it a wee bit endearing that he admits to having had lipo and finding the fat growing back? (No, not down there. It's hardly needed in that region.)" [Michael Musto]

14. "Which zany club owner tells performers, 'Don't use such big words! This is a coke crowd!' Which same guy was spotted running around a foreign city of business in his underwear, and has also been known to approach guys on the street, crowing, 'I want a cock to suck?'" [Michael Musto]

15. "What young TV star broke up a big Hollywood relationship and also found time to sleep with another married Hollywood icon, though his marriage miraculously stayed intact?" [Michael Musto]

16. "Which cranky old guy would never publicly admit that the legendary star who helped make his big musical a classic actually contributed to the dialogue he took sole credit for?" [Michael Musto]

17. "Which movie-star couple broke up to cries of 'How can you break up when you were never really a couple!'? And wasn't there also the problem of that male paramour back in L.A. (for the guy, not the girl)?" [Michael Musto]

18. "Which TV star is being diva-licious on her new project, co-workers citing her as more of a high-maintenance nuisance than before?" [Michael Musto]

19. "Which recently deceased actor from the '70s was so wrecked with booze that one TV show assigned a handler to make sure he didn't wander off during rehearsals to hit the sauce?" [Michael Musto]

20. "What black multi-threat made a point of unconvincingly saying in the middle of a magazine phoner, 'My girlfriend's on the other line. She's blond and very hot!'?" [Michael Musto]

21. "Which stunt casting star on Broadway didn't get entrance applause until her second appearance because she looked so old no one had any idea it was her at first?" [Michael Musto]

22. "What Wicked chorus boy moved in with that noted actor/director, only to get dumped for that Pal Joey star, who's now exes with an ensemble member from Chicago? And which Book of Mormon star did the Chicago guy end up with? Can someone put all that to music?" [Michael Musto]

23. "Which plucky performer bristled at a profile in a weekly publication, saying it wasn't as sensitive as a monthly one that was done-but when the monthly one had come out, the performer had some things to say about that, too?" [Michael Musto]

24. "Which food lady has to be coerced to do some of the extra stuff related to her stardom because she never bargained for this level of success and is even more overwhelmed by it than that political couple above?" [Michael Musto]

25. "Which Oscar-winning actor who is most often in schlock films has hit more than one woman, especially if you dig back to the very dark '80s? Which same actor once hit on a cute blond boy at a New York club, interestingly enough?" [Michael Musto]

26. "Which fallen Wall Street chairman has a fetish for dressing in designer polka dots, so while he's disgraced, at least he's totally fetching?" [Michael Musto]

27. "Which low-level blogger who loves writing about how I don't deserve to be featured in certain magazines or movies actually tried to friend me on Facebook?" [Michael Musto]

28. "Can someone please mediate between those two promoters who are doing that long-running party but barely speaking to each other? Does anyone still wear a hat?" [Michael Musto]