Has Anthony Weiner's horrendous experience with Twitter prompted other members of Congress to post fewer illiterate riffs than usual to their own Twitter accounts? Top number-crunchers are looking into this. And the early stats of congressional tweet volume following Weiner's accidental cock missive suggest that... perhaps?

A study by TweetCongress finds that lawmakers tweeted 28 percent less last workweek, May 30 through June 3, than they did the week before. Weiner's boner pic was tweeted during the intervening weekend.

As TweetCongress admits, however, there's one huge caveat: The first day of that week, May 30, was Memorial Day. You'd expect tweet volume to be significantly down on a holiday, when all the members are busy pretending to enjoy backyard barbecues with their constituents. Still, it wouldn't be surprising if congressmen heard about Weiner's "hack" and moved as far away as possible from their Twitters, lest some hacker come in and find all of their gross penis telegrams, too.

But now the coast is clear, and it's time for our representatives to return to their brisk tweeting paces. There was no hack, so don't worry about that. Anthony Weiner is just a fucking moron.

[Image of Weiner via Getty]