Reuters cites several sources close to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who say she's interested in becoming the next head of the World Bank when the current president, Robert Zoellick, leaves at the end of his term next year.

If Clinton really does want the job, is there any doubt she'd get it? She can pretty much pick whichever (unelected) position of power she wants.

But maybe she doesn't want this and Reuters is being dumb? Clinton's spokesman, Philippe Reines, has just come out and said, "It's 100% untrue, Reuters is wrong. That's on the record." So let's just assume that it's completely true and Hillary Clinton will be appointed tomorrow. Is that journalistically savvy enough for you? We don't know what the hell Hillary Clinton wants to do next. She should at least consider taking a vacation for a few months. Hilldawg has been working too hard, for too many years.

[Image via AP]