Ned Nefer and his wife Teagan are taking a walking tour of upstate New York on their way from Syracuse to Watertown. In Watertwon, they plan to visit the Children's Home of Jefferson County, where they met in the 1980s, when Teagan was "just a head."

Soon after their first encounter, Nefer built his wife a body, and the two were wed on Halloween 1986, in California. They've become something resembling local celebrities; if you so desire, you can "Like" the pair on Facebook here.

Jefferson County social worker Lisa Spear, who is "not a mental health professional," says that Nefer "seems very happy," and that she "wouldn't classify him as dangerous at all." (Department of Social Services Commissioner Laura Cerow clarified to the The Watertown Daily Times "that the department is not officially saying that Mr. Nefer is not dangerous.") According to Spear, Nefer "may have been married to a human but that his wife had died."

"I've heard about the Facebook page and that's great, I guess, but she's really the star," the self-effacing Nefer told the Times. An amateur photographer, Nefer has used 16 disposable cameras along the way, taking pictures of "town and village signs that he passes, rock formations and cemeteries."

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