This Hollywood lady's shaman told her to drink animal blood every day. This TV actor likes to frequent Thai brothels. And this royal couldn't stop staring at Jennifer Aniston's boobs. Looks like the shaman's spell is finally working!

1. "This B-movie actress who has dated one of the biggest stars on the planet has started a new regimen that her shaman says will be good for her. What is it? Drinking blood from a combination of animals everyday. Craaaaazy. Of course she has always been a bit kooky." [CDaN]

2. "This HBO actor allegedly likes to visit brothels in Thailand when he travels abroad. And we're talking the kind that employs really shady practices like human trafficking. The rumor is that he is aware of the injustices, and really just doesn't care." [BuzzFoto]

3. "Which aging royal was recently totally transfixed by Jennifer Aniston's cleavage as she dined with Justin Theroux at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Tower Bar? He was sitting with a group at a nearby table and so obviously staring at Aniston's breasts that other diners worried he would spill his soup. Aniston, meanwhile, stayed totally focused on her date." [P6]

4. "Which socially connected New York artist began his career as cocaine dealer for his high-flying pals? Even the vials of coke he provided were artfully offered with mini-spoons, but he gets very tetchy if anyone mentions the dusty old days now." [P6]

5. "Which young blonde starlet is getting more buzz about her sexual encounters on movie sets than her acting ability? The TV-star-turned-film actress has slept with actors on two of her last films, and now she's visiting the trailer of her latest co-star." [Blind Gossip]

6. "This B list television actor on a huge NBC hit, had his mom fire his agent because he was too scared to do it on his own." [CDaN]