A 12-person fight broke out at 30,000 feet on a Virgin flight from England headed to Barbados. It had to be broken up by crew and other passengers. But what got the whole thing started?

According to a fellow passenger's account, the people involved in the fight were part of a group and were all dressed up for some special occasion. One woman started yelling repeatedly "You swore in front of my child," and that's when the violence started.

There was about five minutes of shouting while people gathered around and before I knew it they were throwing punches and jumping on each other. Most of the people involved were sitting in that area and just standing on their seats while throwing punches.

Naturally, the authorities met the group when the plane arrived in Barbados and questioned the people involved.

Let's get this straight: a group of people going on vacation together wearing fancy clothes and getting in ridiculously ornate fights over silly things. Are they filming Real Housewives of London or something?

[Image via Getty]