We first became familiar with terminal cancer patient and all-around loveable guy Aaron Jamison last year, when we heard about his plan to sell advertising space on his cremation urn in order to help his wife pay the bills after he died. You, the Gawker readers, chipped in to help Aaron and his wife Kristin, and they thanked you. Since a holiday update last December, we hadn't heard any more from Kristin and Aaron (although Aaron has still been updating his blog, which can be found here.)

This week, Kristin sent us the following note:

Hello. This is Aaron's wife Kristin. You have had such a huge impact in things for us and the support of the Gawker community for us. I wanted to give you an update as things change with him. Aaron started Hospice care in February. In the past couple weeks Aaron's liver has started to shut down. Ammonia was building up in his system causing him to hallucinate. He's now on a new medication that removes the ammonia and gives him clarity. As long as this keeps working we can postpone things but eventually the ammonia will be produced at a higher rate than the medication will be able to handle. His pain level has increased greatly since the last update as the cancer is going through the lining of his liver now. We are trying to keep his as comfortable as we can with pain meds without sedating him to the point that he can't interact with family and friends. At this point we are looking as a matter of weeks left, roughly 6-7. He's hoping to make it to the end of July to be able to be at Relay for Life.

As always things are incredibly tight financially. We are currently looking for a roommate so we can afford to pay rent. Aaron's biggest worry right now is that I have no income to cover bills after he's gone. We are still waiting to hear back on my appeal for disability.

Thank you for all you have done for us. Please check out Aaron's blog. He's been very open and honest about the frustrations and never ending crap that's been thrown at us.


Anyone who'd like to purchase a t-shirt or bracelet or make a donation of any kind can find more information on Aaron's blog.

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