Our favorite story of 2011—"Man Eats His Own Beard at Knifepoint Over Botched Lawnmower Sale"—may soon come to a conclusion, with the aggressors thrown in jail for failing to pay the $570 restitution ordered by the court.

You remember, no doubt, the original story—years from now, we'll say to each other, "Where were you when Harvey Westmoreland was forced to eat his own beard, at knifepoint, over a lawnmower dispute?"—in which our hero, Harvey Westmoreland, attempted to sell his lawnmower, only to have his beard forced upon him as a meal by his former friends Troy Holt and James Hill.

Well, Westmoreland may finally get justice. Holt, who is on probation for his part in the assault, was ordered to pay $570 restitution, essentially paying Westmoreland back for his fine beard. But since Holt never paid, the judge may revoke the probation and toss Holt in jail. Westmoreland says he hasn't seen either Holt or Hill since the incident. He seems to have regrown his beard.

[Lex 18]