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For better or worse (hint: worse), Keeping Up With the Kardashians returned tonight for its sixth season. And because nobody should be forced to endure an entire 30 minutes of America's most overexposed family each Sunday night, we'll be watching it for you and reporting back with a clip of each episode's most cringeworthy 15 or so seconds.

Tonight, Kim and Khloe got into a fight because Khloe still had pictures of Kim and her 500 ex-boyfriends sitting around the house, or something, and then Khloe basically told Kim that she's a sad little serial monogamist. Don't worry, though, because they quickly made up! It was then, at the fake little end of their fake little feud, that Khloe made a one-off comment and unintentionally summed up just how f*cking famous this family has become.