What would President Obama do if he was caught sending pictures of his erect penis to women he met on the internet? "I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign," he told NBC's Ann Curry.

Curry was asking the president about Rep. Anthony Weiner—because what else is there to ask about right now?—when he gave her his opinion:

"I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign,'' Obama told Curry.


"When you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can't serve as effectively as you need to, at the time when people are worrying about jobs, and their mortgages, and paying the bills - then you should probably step back,'' Obama said.

Obama added that what Weiner did was "highly inappropriate'' and that he has "embarrassed himself" and his wife and family, but said it will ultimately come down to a decision by Weiner and his constituents as to whether he will continue in office.

Weiner, currently at a "treatment center," has requested a leave of absence from Congress, but reportedly hasn't decided whether or not to resign—despite the exhortations of several Democratic congressional leaders. So Obama, likely realizing that Weiner is (forgive us) nuts enough to stay in office, doesn't want to call for his resignation and look like a dummy in the event he stays—but neither can Obama say it's okay to send your dick willy-nilly around the tubes.

But look, Anthony: When even your fellow Muslims are abandoning you, it's time to resign.

[Photos via AP]