Airbus has unveiled a "plane of the future," which will finally fulfill man's ultimate dream: To fly in a translucent bubble while also playing a golf video game and inhaling vitamin-laced air.

Here are some of the features of the concept plane, which Airbus suggests may be made a reality by 2050:

  • "relaxation zones" with fully-stocked bars
  • An intelligent, translucent "skin" that would let passengers see outside the plane and changes depending on conditions.
  • "holographic pop-up gaming displays and in-flight entertainment powered by the heat of passengers' bodies."
  • A "vitalizing zone" which will help passengers relax with "Vitamin and antioxidant-enriched air, mood lighting, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments."

Alright, that's pretty cool, especially for people who are allergic to air that isn't antioxidant-enriched. But if we were designing the plane of the future, we'd add a few more features:

  • A hibachi grill
  • Escape pods
  • Seats have personal sex robots
  • Soundproof booth for crying babies
  • Turns into a space plane, if you can convince your pilot to take a side trip to the moon
  • Automatically updates your Facebook status if the plane crashes and you die
  • All the food is organic and locally-sourced from floating farms that fly next to the plane
  • Special forcefield that makes gay marriage legal on the plane

Now that would be a futureplane. Get on it, engineers. [Daily Mail]