On per capita use, New Yorkers use Twitter more than anyone else.

That's an interesting tidbit from a NYT blog post on how the Anthony Weiner scandal reverberated through Twitter. Also, New York state residents use Twitter 30% more than the national average.

On the one hand, this might be a bullish signal for Twitter: New York is the biggest and most culturally significant city in the US, and so having a strong base here should help growth. On the other hand, this could be interpreted as a bearish signal: because New York is such a media (and tech!) town, it could lend credence to the idea that Twitter is having a hard time breaking into the mainstream, and that its outsized prominence is due more to people in the media being ga-ga over it than over real-world usage.

Republished with permission from BusinessInsider.com. Authored by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. Photo via ZeroOne/Flickr.