Today we heard the news that the wacky Europeans over at Airbus are designing a new super plane that will feature sex hibachis and gay Facebook or something. Read the article. But all that is unnecessary clutter. Let's be more practical here, argues one commenter.

From TedSez:

How about some actually helpful features instead?

"Relaxed standing zones" where you can wait for the lavatory to be free without falling on top of the poor schlub in the back row or getting your feet run over by beverage carts.

An intelligent "skin" that would post true, real-time information about when the plane will take off and what's actually causing the delay.

"Holographic gaming displays" that would appear on the head of the person in front of you who's reclining practically into your lap.

A "vitalizing" zone that would pump a greater percentage of refreshing oxygen into the CO2- and jet fuel-laced recirculating air.

[Image via Shutterstock]