What could be more delightful than spending a year as Hollywood rage-blogger Nikki Finke's boss? Reading the open love-letter she penned you on your way out.

On the occasion of Lynne Segall's departure as vice president and publisher of MMC Entertainment, Deadline.com's parent company, Finke wrote a 1,300-word account of their time together in which she savaged Segall for undermining her, described her as a "force of darkness" for trying to influence Deadline's content, and accused her of exacerbating Finke's diabetes. A sample:

I truly don't think she'd ever worked before with an editor-in-chief who'd said 'No' to her priority of placing the almighty ad dollar above editorial ethics. Again and again, she'd ask me to tone down honest stories I'd already written. Or she'd find out from the marketplace about honest stories I intended to write and ask me to spike them. Or she'd go behind my back to my staff and try to assign coverage of specific advertisers.

Each and every time, I told her to stick it where the sun don't shine — at first politely, then much less so.... I am explaining all this because I believe in transparency.

For tribal reasons, I am obliged to side with editors against publishers in all instances, and so will reluctantly throw down with Finke in this dispute. But she is a fan of transparency and "editorial ethics" in much the same way mobsters like to keep accountants handy. And this attack, though highly Finke-ian, is the latest in a string of outbursts that are over the top even for her and suggest that maybe she's not feeling well. Here's hoping she gets better soon.