A new science study has proven that babies, like teenage girls who just got back from visiting their cousins in Europe, really love Picasso.

Basically some bored scientists or drunk art history students or something found a bunch of babies and showed them Picasso paintings and Monet paintings, and the babies spent a lot more time looking at Picasso's crazy squiggles than Monet's blurry flowers (or boring old haystacks—my parents took me to see the haystacks at the MFA in Boston when I was a kid, and good lord is anything more boring than looking at paintings of haystacks for like a million hours?). Something about Picasso just totally interests babies. Did they show them "Guernica," I wonder? Did one weird, dark-haired baby really like "Guernica"? I'd be worried about that baby.

So, thank you, science. Finally the mystery of what kind of art babies like has been solved. With that, I am going to go direct a production of the play Art, starring babies. See you soon, Broadway! [Miller-McCune]