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Last week Dr. Oz showed America all the crap inside of his colon. Now The Doctors has provided us with the strangest poop demonstration we've ever seen, and, boy, have I seen some strange poop demonstrations.

For those of you who have, you know, jobs and stuff and don't watch daytime television, The Doctors is a show where a bunch of doctors sit around and talk about pressing medical issues. It's like WebMD: The Television Series. In this clip, you'll see the exceptionally dreamy Dr. Travis Stork talking about the exceptionally undreamy topic of what to do to overcome constipation. He uses two bags with a big hard wad of what's supposed to be poo to illustrate. He then uses some solvent that is supposed to be water and fiber to dilute one and show how easy it is to pass that massive brick. (Travis needs to eat the tacos from that truck outside my office, because no nasty blue liquid will get that brick to pass. But that's another story.)

This eventually devolves into a minute-long poop joke, when the demonstration doesn't go as planned. I love how the audience reacts like it's real human feces up there on stage and they're all going to get sullied thanks to Dr. Stork. But if daytime TV keeps headed in this direction, they may not be that far off.