Saxby Chambliss has become the first senator to release an iPhone app. This would be an ominous development even if the Georgia Republican's office didn't have a history involving online hate speech.

"This way, folks don't have to sit down and stop what they're doing in order to find out what I'm up to," Chambliss said in a video announcing the app. Right, there's no need for Chambliss' constituents to consult biased liberal media iPhone apps, which cover incidents like the time a Chambliss staffer wrote "all faggots must die" in an online discussion, or the time his campaign ad smearing a triple amputee Vietnam war veteran was called "disgraceful" by John McCain. Then again, the app has a video gallery, so it's entirely possible Chambliss will shoot himself in the foot with some creepy family groping or whatever.

Of course, the bigger fear isn't Chambliss' app but what kind of PR explosions we'll see once everyone in both houses of Congress releases an app. Especially if theirs, like Chambliss', comes with a photo gallery.