Hackers Take Down CIA Website

The CIA's website is down, and the hacking group Lulz Security is claiming credit on Twitter.

The attack seems to have been meant to impress a random Twitter user named Quadrapocdacone. This afternoon, Quadrapodacone and Lulzsec got into a Twitter flame war, after Quadrapodacone mocked Lulzsec for taking on only "soft targets" like video game companies and PBS. (Lulzsec has since deleted its side of the conversation.)

"Stop calling yourself hackers, you're giving real hackers a bad name," Quadrapodacone said. He scoffed at Lulzsec's affinity for Distributed Denial of Service attacks—floods of traffic that overwhelm servers: "Seriously... DDoS is not hacking," he twitted. "Here's a challenge... fbi.gov or cia.gov try changing text or something."


Hackers Take Down CIA Website

"Hey jackhammer, get some attention span... we've hit two agency websites already," Lulzsec shot back. Still, less than an hour later, CIA.gov went down. But Quadrapodacone still isn't impressed: "Site up nothing changed... lulz."

We would say this will bring some major shit down on them, but they already brazenly hacked the Senate (possibly twice) and an FBI-affiliated website, as well as declaring war on 4chan. How much more heat could they possibly attract?


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