After her brilliant acceptance speech at the Webby Awards the other night, Vogue chief petty officer Anna Wintour sat down with CNN to talk about She let it slip more than once that she knows Vogue is more important than anything in the world.

The capper of the interview, where she uses the word "access" about 97 times (97 is also the average body weight of a Vogue cover model) is her saying, "Whoever we call will pick up the phone." Ha! Yes, Anna Wintour is well aware that she can just call up anyone and they will hear her icy stare through their iPhone and will immediately bend to her will.

Interviewer Felicia Taylor tries really hard to make Anna like her. (You're not going to do it with that choker, girlfriend.) Taylor says that has added a Facebook page and a Twitter account and describes it as all very "innovative." Really? Facebook and Twitter are "innovative?" Oh, good thing everyone on the internet hasn't cracked that code yet. Still when Anna calls to tell us what to do with our website, you know I'll be sure to pick up the phone.

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