In 2009 Rexburg, Idaho couple Ben and Amber Sessions purchased a house in the country thinking it would be the perfect spot to raise a family. That is until they noticed the snakes. The hundreds and hundreds of garter snakes that lived under the house.

After dealing with the nightmare — foul smelling and tasting tap water, yards full of hissing and biting serpents, night terrors as they heard the fuckers slithering around in the walls — for almost a year, the couple eventually declared bankruptcy and let the house fall into foreclosure. They're taking big financial losses, but at least they don't have to live with the snakes anymore.

And it turns out they weren't the first family to deal with this problem. Back in 2006 a local TV station did a story on the previous residents' and their snake horror, but the Sessionses were tragically unaware.

The snake house, now owned by the bank, remains uninhabited.