Life is different near the center of the tech bubble. Facebook employees, due to earn staggering fortunes, are nevertheless sad. They'll have to wait six months for the money, you see.

It would be considered good fortune to most Americans. After a short quiet period, probably October 2011 through April 2012, Facebookers will be able to sell their cheap shares on the public market, at what looks almost certain to be sky high valuations. In the intervening half year, they can continue to partake of Facebook's free gourmet food and generous compensation. Alternatively, they can quit their jobs now and sell their shares to private investors.

Not good enough! Some Facebook employees, Business Insider reports, were hoping to start new businesses during the quiet period, but won't be able to do so — they apparently can't sell shares during the period due to SEC restrictions. They'll also be stuck with a tax bill, since they must convert their options to shares when leaving Facebook, producing a capital gain. So, they're stuck in a blue prison. Do pray for them.

(Don't pray for them.)

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